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What is Binocular Vision Dysfunction?

Updated: Jan 5

Binocular vision dysfunction, is a category of conditions that affect the way the eyes work together. It can cause a range of symptoms, including eyestrain, headaches, and blurred or double vision. If left untreated, binocular vision dysfunction can make it difficult to perform daily activities that require good functional vision, such as reading or using a computer.

The eyes are designed to work together in a coordinated way, with each eye providing a slightly different view of the world. This allows the brain to combine the two views into a single, three-dimensional image. In people with binocular vision dysfunction, however, the eyes have difficulty coordinating their movements, and the brain struggles to use both eyes at the same time.

Binocular vision dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor eye muscle coordination, certain medical conditions, or injuries that affect the eyes or the muscles that control eye movement.

Although, it is often missed during routine eye evaluations, binocular vision dysfunction can be diagnosed during a comprehensive binocular vision exam. During the exam, the optometrist assesses the eyes' ability to work together and focus on different distances.

Treatment for binocular vision dysfunction typically involves prescription prism glasses, vision therapy, syntonics light therapy, or virtual reality therapy.

If you are experiencing visual symptoms that are causing difficulty in daily life, it is important to see an optometrist that has experience with diagnosing binocular vision dysfunctions and feels comfortable with prescribing prism glasses or personalized vision therapy.

If you're struggling to locate a neuro-visual optometrist in your region, consider arranging a virtual consultation with Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. through the website Dr. Antonyan, O.D. can assist you in finding local eye care professionals and initiating the appropriate treatment plan for your recovery journey. For those residing in the Los Angeles or Valencia area, you can also book an in-office appointment directly with Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. by dialing (661)310-0603 or visiting Dr. Antonyan, O.D. possesses the expertise needed to prescribe precise prismatic corrections, which can significantly alleviate symptoms arising from binocular vision dysfunctions, ultimately transforming your quality of life.

Best of luck!

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