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We Consult People All Over the World!

Welcome to our Zoom consultation service with our binocular vision expert, Dr. David Antonyan, O.D.

We understand that finding a neuro-visual optometrist can be a crucial step towards achieving optimal eye health. With our expertise and network, we're here to guide you on this journey. Through our virtual consultations, Dr. Antonyan, O.D. will assess your unique needs and provide personalized recommendations, connecting you with eye core professionals in your area. Together, we'll ensure you receive the personalized care you deserve. Take the first step towards clearer, more comfortable vision by scheduling a Zoom consultation today.



  • Discuss your case one-on-one with Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. over Zoom

  • Discuss your symptoms, case history, and the difficulties you have been experiencing. 

  • Get help with finding the right neuro-visual optometrist or behavioral optometrist in your area. 

  • Discuss your possible treatment options.

  • See if BVD E-Therapy is right for you. 


We Treat People All Over the World!
Web Vision Therapy - Virtual Eye E-Therapy

BVD E-Therapy is a vision e-therapy program that gives our doctor an opportunity to provide vision therapy services to people across the globe. It uses a browser and membership-based web therapy program called Web Vision Therapy that has over 70 activities to keep your training interesting and entertaining while offering you current, proven methods of therapy. The activities in Web Vision Therapy are almost game-like in nature. Children and adults both find them stimulating and want to continue their therapy! Wherever you might be, you can access Web Vision Therapy on your tablet, smart phone, laptop, or desktop. This means you can use it at home, at the office, or on the go! 



  • ​Personalized Training Plan Scheduled After Initial Consultation
  • Individual Account for Web Vision Therapy (12 Weeks)

  • Individual Account for Everfit Smartphone App (12 Weeks)

  • Unlimited Access to the Web Vision Therapy Account (12 Weeks)

  • Weekly Assignments of Personalized Exercises (12 Weeks)

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