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The following skills can be trained with vision therapy.

Bilateral Integration

Binocular Accommodative Accuracy

Binocular Accommodative Facility

Binocular Fine Saccades

Binocular Gross Convergence

Binocular Gross Motor Control

Binocular Gross Saccades

Binocular Peripheral Awareness

Binocular Physiological Diplopia

Binocular Pursuits

Binocular Rotational Pursuits

Binocular Step Convergence

Binocular Vergence Facility

Biocular Accommodative Accuracy

Biocular Accommodative Amplitude

Biocular Accommodative Facility

Biocular Fine Saccades

Biocular Gross Saccades

Biocular Peripheral Awareness

Biocular Pursuits

Biocular Rotational Pursuits

Biocular Smooth Fusional Convergence

Biocular Smooth Fusional Divergence

Biocular Smooth Vertical Vergence - Right Infravergence / Left Supravergence

Biocular Smooth Vertical Vergence - Right Supravergence / Left Infravergence

Biocular Step Fusional Convergence

Biocular Step Fusional Divergence

Biocular Suppression

Biocular Vergence Facility


Fine Motor Control



Monocular Accommodative Accuracy

Monocular Accommodative Amplitude

Monocular Accommodative Facility

Monocular Fine Saccades

Monocular Gross Saccades

Monocular Peripheral Awareness

Monocular Pursuits

Monocular Rotational Pursuits

Optokinetic Reflex

Sensory Fusion
(Second Degree Fusion)

Simultanous Perception
(First Degree Fusion)

Stereopsis & Depth Perception
(Third Degree Fusion)

Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex

Visual Acuity

Visual Closure

Visual Discrimination

Visual Figure Ground

Visual Form Constancy

Visual Memory/Recall

Visual Processing Speed

Visual Sequential Memory

Visual Spatial Memory

Visual Spatial Orientation

Visual-Auditory Integration

Visual-Motor Integration


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