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Welcome to the Eye Conditions resource page at Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc. Here, we provide comprehensive information on a wide range of eye conditions that we diagnose and treat. Our aim is to empower you with knowledge about various eye health issues, from common refractive errors to complex vision disorders. Led by Dr. David Antonyan, our expert team is dedicated to offering top-tier care, utilizing the latest diagnostic methods and treatment options. Explore this page to learn more about how we can help you maintain optimal eye health and vision clarity.


Struggles with sustained attention, particularly in visual tasks, may sometimes intersect with undiagnosed vision issues that can mimic or exacerbate symptoms of ADHD. At Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc., Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. is experienced in identifying and treating underlying vision problems, offering comprehensive care that can significantly aid in managing symptoms commonly associated with ADHD.

Accommodative Dysfunction

If you're experiencing symptoms like blurred vision at close range, challenges with reading, or persistent headaches, these may be signs of Accommodative Dysfunction. Thankfully, our expert, Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. is highly skilled in identifying, treating, and managing Accommodative Dysfunction, offering dedicated care to those affected by this condition.

Acquired Brain Injury and Concussion

If you're experiencing visual disturbances or discomfort following an acquired brain injury or concussion, these symptoms require specialized attention. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. offers expert care in diagnosing and treating vision-related issues stemming from brain injuries and concussions, ensuring a tailored approach to support your recovery and visual health.

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye

If you or your child is experiencing reduced vision in one eye, not correctable by glasses or contact lenses, it might be a sign of Amblyopia, often known as "lazy eye." Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. is skilled in the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of Amblyopia, utilizing advanced techniques to improve vision and eye coordination effectively.


Symptoms of anxiety, particularly when entering large, open spaces or crowded areas, may sometimes be linked to vision-related issues like Binocular Vision Dysfunction. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. at Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc. is skilled in diagnosing and treating these underlying vision conditions, offering targeted care to help alleviate such anxiety symptoms.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction

At Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc., we are skilled in diagnosis and treatment of Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD), a condition where the eyes struggle to work together harmoniously. Our dedicated approach focuses on alleviating common BVD symptoms such as double vision, headaches, and reading difficulties, enhancing both your vision and quality of life.

Dizziness & Nausea

Experiencing dizziness and nausea can sometimes be related to underlying vision problems, such as Binocular Vision Dysfunction. At Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc., Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. excels in identifying and treating these vision-related issues, offering personalized care to alleviate dizziness and nausea effectively.

Headaches & Migraines

Frequent headaches, sensitivity to light, and visual strain might be linked to underlying vision issues. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D, with his expertise at Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc., is skilled in diagnosing and treating the vision-related causes of headaches and migraines, providing effective care to alleviate these symptoms.

Panic Attacks

Experiencing panic attacks, especially in visually stimulating environments, can occasionally be related to underlying vision problems such as Binocular Vision Dysfunction. Dr. David Antonyan at Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc. excels in identifying and addressing these vision-related triggers, providing comprehensive care to help reduce and manage the occurrence of panic attacks.

Vertigo & Balance Problems

If you're experiencing vertigo and balance disorders, these symptoms may have a vision-related component, such as Binocular Vision Dysfunction or other eye alignment issues. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. at Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc. is proficient in diagnosing and treating such vision-related causes, providing care to help manage and alleviate these challenging symptoms.


Noticing a gradual decrease in vision clarity, increased sensitivity to glare, or a dulling of colors? These could be indicators of Cataracts, a common age-related eye condition. Dr. David Antonyan is proficient in diagnosing and managing Cataracts, offering expert guidance and treatment options to restore and enhance your visual quality.

Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy

Experiencing fluctuating vision, spots or floaters, or a general vision decline might be signs of Diabetic Retinopathy, a serious complication of diabetes affecting the eyes.

Dry Eye Syndrome

If you're experiencing persistent dryness, irritation, or a feeling of grittiness in your eyes, these could be symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D offers comprehensive care for Dry Eye Syndrome, utilizing advanced diagnostic methods and personalized treatment plans to alleviate discomfort and improve eye health.

Eye Emergencies

If you're facing sudden vision loss, eye pain, or have experienced an eye injury, it's crucial to seek immediate care for an eye emergency. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. is equipped to handle a range of eye emergencies, offering prompt, expert care to address urgent eye health concerns and minimize the risk of lasting damage.


Noticing subtle changes in your peripheral vision, or concerned about eye pressure? These could be early signs of Glaucoma, a serious eye condition that can lead to vision loss. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. is adept at early detection and ongoing management of Glaucoma, employing the latest treatments to preserve your vision and eye health.


Struggling with blurred or distorted vision at all distances, eye discomfort, or headaches could be symptoms of Astigmatism, a common refractive error. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D., our experienced optometrist, excels in the precise diagnosis, effective treatment, and holistic management of Astigmatism, helping patients achieve clearer and more comfortable vision.

Hyperopia or Farsightness

Challenges like difficulty focusing on close objects and eye strain, particularly during tasks like reading or using digital devices, may indicate Hyperopia, or farsightedness. At Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc., Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. excels in diagnosing and treating Hyperopia, offering personalized solutions to enhance your near vision and overall visual comfort.

Myopia or Nearsightedness

Experiencing blurry distance vision, squinting to see clearly, or frequent eye strain might indicate Myopia, commonly known as near-sightedness. Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. our seasoned eye care professional, is adept in diagnosing, treating, and providing comprehensive care for patients with Myopia, ensuring enhanced vision and comfort.


If you're experiencing increased difficulty in reading or seeing close objects clearly, especially as you age, it could be a sign of Presbyopia. Dr. David Antonyan at Vivid Visions Optometry, Inc. is experienced in treating symptoms of Presbyopia, providing customized vision solutions to improve your near vision and overall quality of life.

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