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🟡 Playing Card Match - Visual Memory/Recall






Playing Cards


Visual Memory/Recall


1. Have a partner sit or stand in front of you to observe your eye movements.

1. Gather 6 matched pairs from the deck of cards.
2. Shuffle the cards and arrange them face down in three rows of four cards each.
3. The game can be played with 1 or more players.
4. Player 1 turns up any two cards. If the cards match, the cards are removed and collected by Player 1.
5. Player 1 then turns up two more cards. If the cards do not match, Player 1 turns them face down after Player 2 has seen them.
6. Players continue to turn cards as long as they can make a match.
7. The play moves to the next player when the cards do not match.
8. The game continues until all pairs are matched.
9. The player collecting the most matched pairs is the winner.
10. Increase the number of matched pairs as progress improves.


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