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🟠 String Reading - Binocular Physiological Diplopia




Beading Thread


Reading Material


Binocular Physiological Diplopia


1. Hold one end of the string on the end of your nose.
2. Hold the other end at the level of your reading material.
3. Start reading and move the string with every word you read.
4. How many strings do you see? You should see wo strings converging directly on the word you’re reading. If you only see one string, then your brain is suppressing one of your eyes. Blink and attempt to see the string at all times.
5. If the strings do not come together and they seem to be crossing behind the reading material, then your eyes have a “turned-out” posture. Try to “cross” your eyes or fixate on the string in front of the word until you see the strings crossing at the reading level.
6. If the string crosses in front of the word making an ''X” then your eyes have an inward posture. Try to relax your eyes and focus on the imaginary target behind your reading materal. Keep looking as far back behind the reading material until the strings cross directly at the reading level.
7. Now, remember where your eyes are pointing and continue reading in this fashion.


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