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🟠 Sherman Numbers - Monocular Peripheral Awareness




Eye Patch


Print PDF - Sherman Card


Monocular Peripheral Awareness


1. Perform all the steps in the procedure while having one eye patched and wearing your habitual glasses. Repeat all the steps in the procedure with the other eye covered.

1. Place the card at reachable distance from you.
2. Locate and touch each number in order (feel free to look around to find them). Repeat for all numbers.
3. Next, start from the beginning and look at the central dot only. Don’t move your eyes around.
4. Peripherally (from the side of your vision and without looking around), locate and touch each number in order.
5. Once you touch a number, you can look at the number you touched to check for accuracy.
6. Look back at the central dot before peripherally locating the next number in order.
7. Note what happens when concentrating hard on the central target vs when you relax your focus on the target.


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