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🔴 Pie Pan - Binocular Rotational Pursuits






Pie Pan


Binocular Rotational Pursuits


1. Place a marble in a pie pan.

1. Holding the pan between both hands, roll the marble around against the wall of the pan.
2. Keep your focus on the marble and follow it accurately with your eyes.
3. While performing the exercise, be aware of rotation of your wrist and the differences of rotation control when pan is held at various positions.
4. Reverse the direction of the pie pan every 5 rotations.
5. Change the speed of the marble.
6. See how fast it can be rolled and not spilled out, and how slowly it can be rolled without cutting corners across the pan.
7. Hold the pan in various positions to the right, left, closer, further, higher, lower, etc.
8. Continue to control movement of the ball or marble while maintaining ocular fixation on it in these various positions.
9. Try to use various size and weight balls and marbles.
10. Repeat the exercise on a balance board.


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