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🔴 Keep Your Eyes on the Clock - Binocular Gross Saccades




Eye Patch


Marker - Black Dry-Erase Marker




Whiteboard - 4'X 4'


Binocular Gross Saccades


1. Perform all the steps in the procedure while having one eye patched and wearing your habitual glasses. Repeat all the steps in the procedure with the other eye covered.

1. Use the marker to draw a large clock with a large dot placed in the center (shown in the picture).
2. Hang the clock on the wall so that the center dot is at your eye level.
3. Stand at arms length away from the dot.
4. Keep your eyes on the dot while making sure you can see the numbers on the clock in your side vision.
5. Make accurate eye movements (have your partner pay attention to your eyes to make sure there are no over-movement of under-movement of eyes.
6. Have a partner call out a number.
7. Fixate on the called number and wait for your partner to call out the next number.
8. Have your partner call out the next number.
9. Switch fixation to the center before fixating on the called number.
10. Repeat.


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