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🔴 Eye Stretch - Monocular Pursuits




Eye Patch


Monocular Pursuits


1. Place the hands together with the index fingertips touching.
2. Rub or tap those fingertips together to give your brain feedback on where you are looking.
3. Look right at your fingertips with the unpatched eye.
4. Slowly move the fingers to the right as far as it is possible for you to continue looking at them without turning your head. Continue rubbing the fingertips together to give tactile feedback to your brain.
5. Slowly move the fingers back into the center position.
6. Move the fingers to the left as far as it is possible to continue looking directly at them. You should be looking right at your fingers, and not just noticing them with your peripheral vision.
7. Bring your fingers slowly back to the center position.


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