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Nightmare Activities for people with Binocular Vision Dysfunctions

Updated: Jan 5

For people with eye misalignments, light sensitivity, and poor depth perception, some activities that could potentially cause nightmares or be challenging include:

  1. Driving: Depth perception and eye alignment issues could make it challenging to navigate roads safely, especially at night or in bright sunlight.

  2. Playing sports: Sports that require hand-eye coordination and quick reactions, such as tennis, baseball, or basketball, could be difficult due to poor depth perception and eye alignment issues.

  3. Navigation: Boats, cars, stairs, elevators, escalators, and even air planes can cause uncomfortable feelings of nausea, dizziness, and motion sickness.

  4. Watching 3D movies: Watching 3D movies could be overwhelming and uncomfortable due to the visual strain and depth perception issues.

  5. Attending concerts or events with flashing lights: For those with light sensitivity, concerts or events with flashing lights could trigger headaches, migraines, or seizures.

  6. Reading for extended periods: People with eye misalignments may find it challenging to focus on text for extended periods, leading to eye strain, headaches, and difficulty reading.

  7. Working on a computer for extended periods: Similar to reading, working on a computer for extended periods could cause eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.

If you are experiencing visual symptoms that are causing difficulty in daily life, it is important to see an optometrist that has experience with diagnosing binocular vision dysfunctions and feels comfortable with prescribing prism glasses or personalized vision therapy.

If you're struggling to locate a neuro-visual optometrist in your region, consider arranging a virtual consultation with Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. through the website Dr. Antonyan, O.D. can assist you in finding local eye care professionals and initiating the appropriate treatment plan for your recovery journey. For those residing in the Los Angeles or Valencia area, you can also book an in-office appointment directly with Dr. David Antonyan, O.D. by dialing (661)310-0603 or visiting Dr. Antonyan, O.D. possesses the expertise needed to prescribe precise prismatic corrections, which can significantly alleviate symptoms arising from binocular vision dysfunctions, ultimately transforming your quality of life.

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