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A Binocular Vision Evaluation is essential for assessing eye focus, alignment, coordination, movement, tracking, depth perception, spatial localization, visual processing, perception, and body position awareness.

🔴 Who Needs a Neuro-Optometric or Binocular Vision Exam?

Do you experience blurry or double vision, headaches, or trouble reading? These could be signs you need a binocular vision exam, in-office vision therapy, or neuro-optometric vision exam. Here's a quick guide to help you determine if these exams are right for you.

Visual Symptoms

- Blurry or unstable vision

- Loss of vision

- Double vision

Ocular Symptoms

- Redness, pain, or irritation

- Tired, sore, heavy eyes

- Burning or itchy eyes

- Excessive tearing

General Symptoms

- Migraines or headaches

- Motion sickness

- Sleepiness or fatigue

- Poor motor skills or clumsiness

- Disinterest in sports or 3D movies

- Anxiety, frustration, or vertigo

- Squinting or an eye turning in or out

- Tilting or turning your head in photos

- Holding reading materials too close or too far

Reading or Learning Difficulties

- Difficulty remembering what you read

- Poor reading comprehension

- Dislike for reading

- Skipping lines or losing your place

- Using a finger as a guide

- Words moving on the page

- Poor spelling and copying skills

Medical History

- Thyroid disease

- Lazy eye or eye turn

Life Events

- Traumatic brain injury

- Sports-related injury or concussion

- Domestic abuse or automobile accidents

🔴 Preparation for Your Exam

Before a Neuro-Optometric or Binocular Vision Exam, ensure you have a current glasses prescription (less than 1 year old) or complete a Comprehensive Eye Exam.

🔴 What's Included in the Binocular Vision Exam?

- Visual Function Evaluation: Assesses the quality of your vision and measures essential visual skills.

- Oculomotor Function Evaluation: Tests the function of the eye muscles.

- Ocular Posture Evaluation: Examines how well your eyes are aligned with a target.

- Sensorimotor Evaluation: Determines sensory and motor fusion functions, crucial for interpreting and aligning visual images.

- Accommodation Evaluation: Checks your ability to adjust focus as distances change.

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