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Treatment of vertical heterophoria ameliorates persistent post-concussive symptoms: A retrospective analysis utilizing a multi-faceted assessment battery

vertical heterophoria

- The article examines the effectiveness of neutralizing prismatic lenses in reducing headache, dizziness, and anxiety in patients with persistent post-concussive symptoms and vertical heterophoria (VH).
- Approximately 5-10% of traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients experience persistent post-concussive symptoms, and current treatments are largely unsuccessful.
- The study included 38 patients diagnosed with VH by an optometric binocular vision sub-specialist.
- Data was collected before and after prism application using validated survey instruments for headache, dizziness, anxiety, and BVD symptom burden, as well as subjective ratings.
- The results showed significant reductions (19.1-60.8%) in headache, dizziness, and anxiety measures and an overall subjective improvement of 80.2% in VH symptoms.
- The conclusion is that neutralizing prismatic lenses are an effective treatment for these symptoms in patients with persistent post-concussive symptoms and VH.

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