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The Effects of Sports Vision Training on Binocular Vision Function in Female University Athletes

sports vision training

- The article discusses the effects of sports vision training on binocular vision function in female university athletes.
- The study involved 24 female student athletes from team ball sports like soccer, basketball, and handball.
- The athletes underwent an eye training program consisting of 20-minute sessions, three times a week for eight weeks.
- Optometric investigations were performed before the experiment, after the eight-week training, and four weeks after the training.
- The most common binocular vision disorder observed was exophoria, and low fusional vergence range was also noted.
- Following the training, three out of six oculomotor variables improved significantly, with the greatest improvement in near dissociated phoria and fusional convergence.
- The retention test conducted four weeks after the experiment confirmed the effectiveness of the vision training program.
- The study suggests that binocular functions are trainable and can be improved through appropriate visual training.

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