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🔵 Number Dot Card - Binocular Step Convergence




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Binocular Step Convergence


1. Hold up the card flat against your nose with the number 1 closest to your nose.
2. Look along the line at the number 10 dot.
3. Focus to make the dot single and the number clear.
4. If it appears double, gently try to pull your eyes inward (converge) to make the dot appear as one.
5. You should see two lines joining at the dot, making an A pattern.
6. Maintain it for 10 seconds.
7. If you don’t see the pattern, your brain is not using your both eyes. This is called suppression.
8. Now look at the number 9 dot and focus to make the dot single and the number clear.
9. You should see two lines meeting at the dot, creating an X pattern. Once you do, maintain it for 10 seconds.
10. Continue in sequence until you can complete the exercise with the dot closest to your nose.


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