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🔴 Spoon - Binocular Pursuits




Spoon With Reflective Convex Side


Binocular Pursuits


1. Stand erect with good posture and balance.
2. Thrust out the hand holding a spoon with the convex side facing your eyes, elbow straight.
3. With your opened eye, fixate on the image of your face in the spoon.

1. Move the spoon slowly in the following directions: horizontal left and right, vertical up and down, diagonal up/right and down/right, diagonal up/left and down/left, clockwise, counterclockwise.
2. Follow spoon with your eye while your arm moves the route smoothly and easily and to the point when you cannot see the image of your eye on the surface of the spoon.
3. Repeat six times in each direction.
4. Move only your arm and your eyeball, making sure your head is not moving.
5. Repeat for other eye.
6. To train peripheral awareness, increase your awareness of the other objects in the room around you without taking your eye off your spoon.
7. Follow the image on the convex surface of the spoon easily, smoothly with no strain, without head or body movement.


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