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Sports Vision Exams help athletes determine how well their eyes perform, beyond a basic ability to see letters and objects clearly on a standard eye chart.

🔴 Who needs a Sports Vision Examination?

  • athlete

  • adult 

  • child 

  • need sports vision exam

  • need to improve in sports

  • need sports vision therapy

🔴 What needs to be done before a Neuro-Optometric Exam or a Binocular Vision Exam?

You must have current glasses prescription (<1 year old) or complete a Comprehensive Eye Exam.

🔴 What's included in the Sports Vision Exam?

Visual Function Evaluation determines the quality of your vision (how well you can see) and measures important visual skills.

Oculomotor Function Evaluation determines the function of the extraocular muscles of the eyes.

Ocular Posture Evaluation determines how closely a person’s eyes are directed toward a target (visual aim).  This can be skewed by a misjudgment of either the person’s or the target’s location.

Sensorimotor Evaluation determines individual's sensory and motor fusion functions.  Sensory fusion is the ability to appreciate two similar images, one with each eye and interpret them as one.  

Motor fusion is the ability to align both the eyes in such a way that sensory fusion may be achieved.

Accommodation Evaluation determines the individual's ability to adjust the focus of the eyes as the distance between the individual and the object changes.

Visual-Motor Evaluation determines the individual's ability to react to central and peripheral targets.

Vestibular Evaluation determines the individual's ability to balance and coordinate body movement accurately.

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